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    The Versa H22 has been designed specifically for those of you looking for a reliable, future proof yet cost efficient computer system. This machine will effortlessly handle a multitude of office based applications simultaneously.  A perfect computer for any for school, office or home office.

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    Thanks to an Intel i3 3.7ghz processor, the Xitgmatek Steel delivers reliable performance that's ideal for browsing the web, writing essays or working from home.A 1 TB hard drive offers plenty of space for storing media, software, documents and more. 

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    For fast and reliable processing with a stylish design, consider the Silencio i5 3.2ghz.Powered by a Quad-Core Intel® Core™ i5, the Silencio is built to run demanding creative software at its best.From music production to graphic design and photo editing, the quad-core architecture and large cache allows the processor to run complex software quickly. 

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    The N-300 is a great all round family media PC.  Thanks to the AMD 3.5ghz processor, cpmbined with 8gb of memory the N-300 delivers reliable performance that's ideal for browsing the web, video streaming, writing essays and even basic gaming.A 1 TB hard drive offers plenty of space for storing media, software, documents and more. 

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    For those who understand when to work hard, and when to play hard we have the T230. With the power of the Core i5 3.5ghz combined with the dual Chanel 8gb memory, this computer handles photo editing, basic gaming,web browsing and media streaming with ease.  A perfect starting point for those looking to upgrade to an all round gaming PC in the future. 

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    The perfect start for any gamer looking to gain an edge. The HAF 192 is a great choice for those looking to branch into PC gaming.  With the power of AMD's 6-core FX-630, MSI Radeon 2GB 240 and a mammoth 16gb of DDR3 RAM you more than enough power to play with, and still room for future expansion. 

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    Run even the most demanding software easily with the HP BitFenix i7 Desktop PC.The BitFenix i7 has a quad-core Intel® Core™ i7 processor, which delivers an impressively fast and responsive all-round computing experience.From editing professional photos to producing music at home, the BitFenix will handle pretty much anything you can throw at it.

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    A powerhouse system built to last. The StormTroopers  liquid cooled 8 core 4.0ghz AMD processor breezes though the specifications for any top end PC game. The combination of a 2GB EVA GeForce GTX 960, Dual Channel 16GB HyperXFury Memory and 240GB Sandisk SSD means that performance worries are a thing of the past.  Will run any "Next Generation" game with...

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    The Cougar Challenger ticks all the boxes when it comes to an all round great performing gaming PC. Packed full of top performance parts, this machine is great value for money without a sacrifice to quality of parts. The Cougar Challenger will run current next generation game at average to high settings. 

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    The Tesseract has been designed specifically with current generation gaming in mind. With this machine there is no need to ask "can i run it?" because the answer will always be Yes. The Tesseract runs games like GTAV, Metal Gear Solid 5, Just cause 3, Dying Light and the Witcher 3 on high settings with ease thanks to the GeForce GTX 960

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    A Gaming PC with added bite. The NZXT Venom is packed full of power surging  within the beautifully designed case. The NXZT Venom is the perfect choice when it comes to PC gaming and will play any modern game on High to Ultra settings. With the combined effort of the Intel 3.3GHZ quad Core i5, 16GB of DDR3, 250GB SSD drive and 4GB DDR5 Geforce GTX 960...

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